Why Future Stanford?

We are in a moment of disruption and change catalyzed in part by the growth of online learning and educational technology. But what about the physical learning environment?

We can design a future that amplifies what's great about Stanford and reimagines what can be better.

Someone once asked Frederick Terman whether he wanted Stanford to be a teaching institution or a research institution. He said, "it should be a learning institution".

Let's build the future of this great learning institution. 


People First

Our Provocations, Your Projects

Small Actions = Big Change

Our hope is that Future Stanford will continue to nurture students and leaders who will lead change and apply their experiences around the globe.

The four provocations are hints at what Stanford's future(s) might be. Make them your own. Try them, tweak them, push them, or even reject them.

We think small actions can trigger big changes. We hope that you believe you can build the Future Stanford, or the future of living and learning on campus where you are. 


How to Use This Toolkit

We made this toolkit to help you build off of four provocations that can inspire exploration of what the future of living and learning on campus might be. This toolkit has three pieces that you can download below, titled ReflectImagine, and Try.





The Reflect Worksheets are excursions into imagined worlds inspired by the provocations.

Download Worksheets >

The Imagine Cards are prompts to spark inspiration in your own work. 

Download Cards >

The Try Playbook is a set of activities and suggestions to get started.

Download Playbook >