The @Stanford Project, which ultimately generated the Stanford2025 exhibit and website you’re reading now, was sparked at the in Spring 2013. Given the contemporary emphasis being placed on experimentation with online learning, we wondered what interesting changes were also starting to happen in the in-person, physical learning environment? To explore this question further, the project was funded by Dean of the School of Engineering, Jim Plummer. 

The project included three classes, a series of workshops and the development of tools to support individuals who share the goal of experimenting towards a future Stanford, and an experienced project team that worked currently to synthesize and build on the ideas and research initiated by the students and project partners. Design work continued both inside and outside of class for a year, creating the foundation for the exhibit, which debuted in May 2014.

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The @Stanford Core Team

Tania Anaissie, Carissa Carter, Scott Doorley, Sarah Stein Greenberg, Ashish Goel, Stacey Gray, Seamus Harte, Jessica Munro & Kelly Schmutte with Charlotte Burgess-Auburn, Jon Feiber, & David Kelley


Our Students, who helped uncover important insights and sparked many of the key ideas in the exhibit 

Andy Donohue, Anna Lena Schindl, Aparna Surendra, Borui Wang, Chad Kamisugi, Chris Barber, Chuck Allen, Claire Margolis, David Herman, Ellora Israni, Eric Smalls, Ethan Kessinger, Ivy Guo, Jason Randolph, Jennifer Lau, Jesse Day, Jingshu Chen, Julia Landauer, Katie Kirsch, Katie Topper, Kelsey Dang, Lemiece Zarka, Mariam Semaan, Maurizio Calo Caligaris, Natasha Prats, Nina Church, Pam Shime, Paolo Martin, Petr Johanes, Quyen Nguyen, Rachel Lee, Robert Ruhlandt, Seamus Harte, Shigeki Saito, Sohaib Shaikh, Tania Anaissie, Tara Viswanathan, & Ximena Rivera


Our Partners, who served as inspiration and helped us frame key design challenges & activities

The Experience Institute

Mozilla Foundation - Open Badges Project

Stanford University Libraries

Stanford University Residential Education

Office of the Vice Provost for Online Learning


Our Production Team

Delicate Productions, Rachel Pearl, Tyler Winick 


And Special Thanks to…

Everyone who gave their time, insights, perspectives, feedback, ideas, and critique to this project over the past year, including:

Aaron Buzay, Adina Glickman, Alex Scully, Alice Gardner, Alice Munoz-Shvarts, Alice Petty, Amy Collier, Andrew Todhunter, Arik Lifschitz, Bernd Girod, Brianne Hunt, Brie Bunge, Bruce Boyd, Candace Thille, Carissa Little, Chris Kong, Christina Medina, Colleen Cotter, Dan Klein, David Larsen, Dayo Mitchell, Deborah Golder, Deni Wicklund, Dennis Xu, Devika Patel, Devon Young, Elizabeth Hadly, Ellie Buckley, Emi Kolawole, Emily Goligoski, Eugene Korsunskiy, Glenn Katz, Gretchen Wustrack, Harmandeep Madra, Harry Elam, Helen Josephine, Jarreau Bowen, Jason Oppenheimer, Jim Campbell, Jim Plummer, Jo Boaler, Johan Ismael, Johan Olesund, John Edmark, John Mitchell, Joseph Jay Williams, Joseph Makokha, Katherine Preston, Katie Kirsch, Katie Krummeck, Katie Wang, Kim Kendall-Humphreys, Kyle Barnes, Kyle Keahey, Laura Breyfogle, Lewis Kaneshiro, Lucy LaPier, Luke Terra, Malgorzata Schaefer, Mark Grundberg, Martha Russell, Michael Rouan, Mike Yu, Mindy Hollar, Mitchell Stevens, Natalie Whearley, Paul Hegarty, Paul Marca, Paul Yock, Paul Zenke, Peter Mangiafico, Rachel our UPS Delivery Superstar who would have driven to Kentucky help us if we’d asked her, Richard Shaw, Rob Reich, Robert Prakash, Robert Siegel, Roberta Katz, Robyn Dunbar, Ronnie Fields, Sally Mentzer, Sarah Lester, Sarah Truebe, Scott Calvert, Scott Witthoft, Shari Palmer, Skybox Imaging, Surya Narayanan, Suzanne M Gaulocher, Taylor Cone, Taylor Lemmon, Tim Stearns, Tom Maiorana, Victor Saad, Zac Sargeant


…and the many other experimenters and innovators in this field who inspired us along the way!