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Getting into the right Mindset


On May 1st, 2014, David Kelley invited students, staff, faculty and friends of the Stanford community to an evening of exploration at the titled "Stanford 2025, an experiential taste of Stanford's futures."

A gallery had been curated for the audience to explore the year long design process of what living and learning could be like at Stanford in the year 2025.

Guests enjoyed exploring the provocative questions and curious conversations over food and drinks, but David and the team wanted to truly embrace one of the design thinking mindsets - show, don't tell. 

Creative Director Scott Doorley informed the crowd that they had in fact discovered time travel and briefed them on the proper ear and eye protection necessary for immediate departure. 

However, the time machine failed and guests crash landed in the year 2100. Luckily though, the "Stanford2025 - A Retrospective of Living and Learning on Campus" exhibit happened to be on display at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford on May 1st-5th, 2100. 

The exhibit had curated over 25 artifacts from 4 possible futures for guests to engage and explore throughout the evening.

Scroll down to explore the exhibit ideas, articles, and artifacts and then download the tools to start experimenting your own future. 



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