An invitation to travel through time

The project culminated with an experiential exhibit entitled “Stanford 2025,” held at the in May 2014. To encourage an exploratory mindset, the event was staged as a time-travel journey. The community embarked to the distant future—and landed just at the moment when Stanford was looking back retrospectively at major paradigm shifts that “happened” around 2025. These possible shifts were shared as provocations—a subjective, student-centered imagining of what could happen as the future unfolds.

Here, on this website, we invite you to travel with us and explore these possible futures. Then, we hope you will use the provocations—and the tools available on the site—to spark your own vision for the future of higher education by trying some experiments.

Now, strap in, and let’s go to the year 2100…

The purpose of a liberal education is ‘preparation for appointments not yet made.’
— Howard Swearer, former President of Brown University, as quoted in the SUES report